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About Gregory Howard Gebhart

Gregory first began writing in 1993, having had a very strong idea for his book entitled Heavy Hitters: How American Workers Helped Win World War II. He loved the look of World War Two era propaganda posters, finding them quite stirring, and he decided that would make for an excellent cover and illustrations for his book. He unsuccessfully sent it to several publishers before ultimately deciding that it was best for him to self-publish.

Literature Based On Life

The author has had an extensively varied career, having struggled with health problems for over 40 years, and over time he took detailed notes and manuscripts concerning his work, such as when he constructed the Texas Refinery Primer. He hopes that this primer will be useful for students, allowing them to see piping diagrams and to get a feel for how the refinery and its instruments operate. His Twentieth Century Purchasing Guidelines were prepared for a university's staff and subsequently published.

Much of Gregory's work is rooted in his life, including his Favorite Bible Passages: King James Version which began as a series of verses that he wanted to have published in a St. Louis newspaper. He is currently working on two new books. One is a classic King James Bible verses text, while the other one will be called Time To Move On Again. The latter is a memoir all about Gregory's life, including his storied and impressive career.

Driven By Cathartic Inspiration

For Gregory Howard Gebhart, the writing process is very cathartic. Every finished book feels like the completion of a chapter in his life; as if he really has something to show for it. The author's many associates are deeply impressed with his published works thus far, and those directly involved in the fields that he writes for commonly send copies of his work to their friends and neighbors. One of those associates, his boss while he was writing test questions for fire stations and GMs in Houston, Texas, recommended he write at an accessible level for all readers, and Gregory took that advice to heart.

While catharsis may be the end result of Gregory's writing process, his initial inspiration often comes from an unavoidable compulsion to get his thoughts down on paper. When writing his favorite Bible verses, for example, he felt outright compelled to put all of his thoughts out for the world to see. This compelling instinct similarly drove him to take his Master's degree in Operations Management and apply it to questions concerning World War Two. He discovered that many people, especially women, really pulled their weight back home during the war, and published his findings in Heavy Hitters: How American Workers Helped Win World War II.

And We All Get Fracked and One Word For You: Plants Covers

Looking Towards the Future

Gregory is currently working on a second addition of King James Bible verses, as he has a close friend who wants to co-author the work to help further their growing ideas. The author is particularly proud of his continued self-publication, and hopes to grow his published library more and more in the years to come. He invites you to enjoy all of his currently available works, and hopes you will be interested in acquiring any new books he releases.