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Environmental Books With a Scientific Edge

Gregory Howard Gebhart has published the vast majority of his works with the express purpose of sharing his gratuitous life experience. These include a number of texts that explain the key elements of environmentally sustainable resources. The author has also released a number of informative chemistry texts that he hopes will help his readers learn this important subject.

Sustain-Ability Cover

Sustain-ability: What To Seek Before Oil Runs Out

With oil at $100 per barrel and revolutions throughout the Middle East and North Africa, the world must face the reality that, within 50 years, oil will be completely gone from the face of the Earth. The World Petroleum Economy will be no more. After making hundreds of billions of dollars in profits every single year, the world's oil companies will be bankrupt.

Before that, increased demand for oil from China, India, and elsewhere in developing countries will drive the price of gasoline up to over $8 a gallon. Before that, Green House Gases will be off of the charts and global warming will be in a death spiral. Wild storms will scour the face of the Earth as its atmosphere tries to adjust to the rising temperatures. The only alternative is a sustainable energy source that can be scaled up before then, including second-generation biofuels like ethanol made from switchgrass.

We must act now. We must move away from boom-and-bust, bubble-generating Petroleum Economy whose only goal is endless growth. The only problem is that such growth cannot be sustained by the economy. The American economy and the world economy cycles back and forth between boom and bust, and what our economies need is a sustainable replacement fuel that will finally allow it to level out. A key part of renewable, sustainable economies will be fuels that are renewable and sustainable -- specifically, biofuels. This book will elaborate on how all of this may be accomplished.

Want Cheap Gas?: Try BioFuels

Want Cheap Gas? offers the complete rationale for using ethanol derived from starch and cellulose to lower gas prices, and is among Gregory's most intriguing environmental books. Already, the US produces 15 billion gallons of starch bioethanol per year, and by 2022 will be producing the same amount of cellulosic bioethanol. Mixing different amounts of ethanol with pure gasoline will yield E10, E13, and E85. E85 (85% ethanol and 15% gasoline) already sells for $1.00 less per gallon than E10!

One Word For You: Plants

Gregory Howard Gebhart has just one word for you: plants. They will be the green, clean, affordable, and sustainable future source of biofuel energy, bio-based chemicals, and bio-based materials like plastics. Plants, at the same time, remove large amounts of Green House Gases (GHG) from the Earth's atmosphere, like carbon dioxide.

And We All Get Fracked: 1,000,000,000,000,000 Gallons of Water and Toxic Chemicals Go Into the Ground Over 1,000,000,000,000 gallons of water and toxic chemicals have been pumped into the ground around the United States. This is all due to some 145,000 hydraulic fracture (frack) oil and natural gas wells. While these resources grant us access to new untapped oil and natural gas, they appear to be poisoning our land, our water, and our air.

Chemistry Games Volume 2 Cover

Texas Refinery Primer

This book is a beginner's guide to operating a small Texas JP-4 jet fuel refinery. It features a complete set of piping diagrams for the refinery and a rudimentary set of instrument setting guidelines.

Chemistry Games: Volume 1: Chemical Names, Formulas, and Equations

This book is a science education text. It is a collection of do it yourself Chemistry games which teach chemical names, formulas, and reactions. Make photocopies and have scissors ready.

Chemistry Games: Volume 2: Stoichiometry & Law of Conservation of Mass

This book is another science education text. It is a collection of do it yourself Chemistry games that teaches the periodic table, stoichiometry, chemical reactions, and the law of conservation of mass. Make photocopies and have scissors ready.

High School Chemistry Helper

This is a science education textbook. It covers the history of Chemistry, and also reviews the periodic table. It has several laboratory exercises, including practice stoichiometry problems with complete solutions.